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Taylor Swift Gets In The Crowd At Calvin Harris' Wango Tango Set

There's clearly no 'Bad Blood' here (yet).

For someone who says she no longer buys into the whole "Happily Ever After" concept, Taylor Swift sure has been looking smitten lately.

Last night (May 9), she hit up Wango Tango to check out her rumored boyfriend Calvin Harris's show, and in addition to her appearance basically becoming an impromptu Diet Coke commercial, ahem ...

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She was also getting in it with some gusto as she rocked out to the show alongside galpal Alana Haim. As she does.

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Clearly this is not a girl who's given up on true lurrrrve. (Thank goodness.)

Since Taylor and the Haim sisters have been nearly inseparable lately, we wouldn't be surprised if they joined Swift's cast of coolgirls in her soon-to-be-released "Bad Blood" video. This weekend, the cast has gotten larger, with the introduction of Ellie Goulding as "Destructa X" and Hailee Steinfeld as "The Trinity" in two new teaser posters she shared on Twitter.

Leather? Multiple personalities? Color us intrigued.

These two neatly fit into the Swift "Bad Blood" character package, which also includes herself as "Catastrophic", Zendaya as "Cut-Throat," Lily Aldridge as "Frostbite," Hayley Williams as "The Crimson Curse," and Gigi Hadid as "Slay-Z."

"Bad Blood" is an angry anthem from Swift's "1989" album that rages out against a fellow songster who did her wrongster (and people definitely have their guesses about who it is), so with all this lead up to the big music vid reveal, we're getting extremely amped to see it drop on May 17th. Because Taylor Swift.