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Beliebers Went Bonkers For Justin Bieber's 'Wango Tango' Performance

Beliebers unite and Justin delivers.

CARSON, CA -- For years now, we've known that pandemonium follows Justin Bieber everywhere he goes.

And on Saturday (May 9), I got to witness the greatness of Beliebers firsthand at KIIS FM's "Wango Tango" concert in Carson, California's StubHub Center.

Andres Tardio/MTV

What was that like? Well, fans were screaming for Bieber since the show started at 4p.m. Like, deafening yells. And Biebs didn't even hit the stage until 8:30. As you can imagine, the love was real.

Andres Tardio/MTV

So, when JB finally arrived on-stage with "Boyfriend" and then followed it up with "Beauty And The Beat," the screams reached an unbelievable peak.

YouTube videos don't even begin to compare to what this was like live, but here's a glimpse:

I was standing in the photo pit and even I could barely hear Biebs thanks to the roar of love he received.

But that's when JB decided to slow things down a bit. He took a seat and dropped smooth renditions of "All That Matters" and "Hold Tight."

Andres Tardio/MTV

From there, fans kept screaming whenever he'd make a move. One of the loudest moments came when JB lifted his shirt during a dance routine. Better believe Beliebers were Snapchatting, Instagramming and tweeting that moment away.

Biebs went on to set the stage for Kanye West to close to show. Before finishing his set, though, he shouted Yeezy out and reminded us all that they're teaming up for some new music.

Although the duo didn't debut new tracks on stage like they were rumored to, they still left fans excited. See?

Imagine how we'll all feel when they drop their new collabo on us. Pandemonium surely awaits.

Andres Tardio/MTV