Watch Moms Take A Lie Detector Test And Answer Their Kids’ Hilariously Awkward Questions

'Have you ever had a threesome?'

Hey, you: Did you get anything for your mom for Mother’s Day? If not, might we suggest hooking her up to a lie detector machine to grill her about her sex life so you two can develop a freakishly close and TMI-filled bond?

Yes, it’s kind of a f--ked up idea, but trust us, the results are pretty hilarious. In a new video from Distractify, adult children subjected their mamas to the sheer terror of a lie detector test and got a lot more than they bargained for when they unearthed all the dirty secrets they’d been guarded from.

As you’ve probably guessed, there are a lot of questions about drugs, alcohol, and snooping, as well as some super invasive questions about sex. Ever wanted to find out how many threesomes and one-night stands your mom has had? Neither do we, but apparently these kids wanted everything laid out on the table.

The most hysterical parts of the vid are definitely the moments when the moms are caught in a lie...and everyone knows it. But while this whole thing is understandably uncomfortable for them, we’re guessing it’s even worse for the kids. Don’t know about you, but we’d rather NOT have to think about our moms ever taking nude pics of roleplaying in the bedroom. Bleh.

Check out all the awkward hilarity go down here, and pray you never have to find out if your mom has ever wanted to sleep with one of your friends: