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This Is Lil Wayne's Reaction When You Ask Him About Young Thug

Young Thug, who?

Of course Lil Wayne feels a certain type of way about Young Thug's attempt to drop a project called Carter 6, before he released Tha Carter 5.

He commented on it briefly during a club performance a few weeks back, and this week, a TMZ videographer decided to press the issue again. He caught Weezy on his way out of a club and asked if he would ever "end the Young Thug beef." Beef? What beef?

Wayne's reaction is priceless. In a matter of seconds, the look on his face changes from intrigue, to slight confusion, to sheer disinterest. He does mange to muster up a response though, replying to the question with, "My daughter is a beautiful daughter. I love everything about her," before hopping into his car.

That was pretty well-played, if I do say so myself.

Earlier this week, Game decided to take a few shots at Young Thug for disrespecting Wayne. Insults started flying back and forth between the L.A. rapper and Thugger pretty quickly after that, until someone stepped in and helped them to broker peace.

Maybe this is the end of that saga?