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Which Reality TV Show Should You And Anna Kendrick Binge-Watch Together?

Take our quiz to find out!

It's impossible to look at Anna Kendrick and not imagine being her best friend. She curses, loves to bake cookies, she doesn't fuss over her looks and she even live-tweets "The Bachelor." How perfect can one human get?

In fact, it's the "Pitch Perfect 2" star's obsession with reality TV that solidifies her top spot on our list of imaginary celeb BFFs. All we want in life is to drink fancy pink wine and watch trashy reality television with Kendrick. Of course, we'd also order pizza and bake brownies and maybe have some ice cream too. Doesn't that sound delightful?

Well, if that sounds like your idea of the perfect day, then you should probably take our quiz to find out which reality TV program you and your bestie Anna would binge-watch. (Kendrick's untitled Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively project was sadly not included because it does not exist yet. Get on that, Food Network!)