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Amber Rose Wants To Take Back That Negative Comment About Kanye West


Amber Rose seems to regret something she said this week, in reference to her ex, Kanye West. And it was a little bit more serious than drunk texting, because it was captured on video.

While making an appearance at Supper Club in L.A., Amber wasn't really feeling the musical selection. Apparently the DJ continued to play Kanye's songs (which happens often in clubs) so she took matters into her own hands by grabbing the mic to address him.

“Stop playing n----s I used to f--k," she told the DJ. "Stop. Why don’t we play the n---a who writes the songs for the other n---a? Travi$ Scott.”

Travi$ Scott happened to be on stage at the same moment, so that might've been a little awkward for him, but he chose not to respond.

The Houston rapper and producer has spoken about working closely with Kanye West, and Yeezus has given him credit as such. On his recent single, "All Day," for example, Scott is one of 21 people credited for their contributions to the track.

Anyway, seems like Amber regretted what she said. On Friday morning, May 8, she posted the below photo on Instagram, with the caption, "Lol Note to self Amber- when ur sh-t faced off the Crown and coke stfu it's not cute."

Below, you can see Amber get emotional while discussing how she's been ridiculed by Kanye West's fans.