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Say Goodbye To Nina Dobrev With This Heartbreaking 'Vampire Diaries' Finale Promo

We can't process all of these emotions.

Warning: what you are about to watch will bring you to tears. Be advised that tissues, chocolate and a fluffy companion may be necessary at this time.

The promo for next week's season finale of "The Vampire Diaries" is an emotional walk down memory lane, as Nina Dobrev makes her final appearance as Elena Gilbert on the show.

Last night's (May 7) episode ended with Elena's life hanging in the balance after Kai turned Alaric and Jo's nuptials into the Red Wedding. While we're still holding out hope for Elena's recovery (there's still one cure left), things are looking pretty grim in this promo -- not to mention, the photos from the finale look so depressing. And what the eff is up with that tagline -- "Say goodbye before it's too late?" Sounds kinda ominous.

Nonetheless, Stelena and Delena fans will have so many ~ feelings ~ watching this promo. #DelenaRainKiss!