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Game Gave This Stranger $1,000 And A Job Offer -- Here's Why

Game was in a giving mood.

Game just gave away $1,000.

The MC, who reportedly made peace with Young Thug today, shared the story with fans on Instagram late Wednesday (May 6).

"Stopped at a gas station soon as I got to the ATL & a n—a hopped off the Greyhound and said he was fresh outta jail headed back to New Orleans to surprise his mama before Mother’s Day,” Game said in an Instagram caption.

“So I offered him a job and told him after he get home, if things don't go as planned, call me and I'll give him a job,” Game added. "Left him wit $1,000 to look out for moms for Mother’s Day, to.”

In a separate post, Game said the man’s name was Donald and that he planned on spending $500 on flowers for his mom and the rest on a phone with Game about that job offer.

Game's known for raps, but he's also known for giving.

In fact, the MC earned a “Humanitarian of the Year” award from Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studios (ABCs) during the 25th Annual Talk Of The Town Black Tie Gala in November.

“It all started when I gave one kid from Africa $20,” he said in an IG post at the time. “That created The Robin Hood Project and since then I’ve given away over a million dollars of my own money hand to hand & through charitable organizations."