Stephen Merchant's Outrageous 'Lip Sync Battle' Is The Only Thing You Need To Watch Today

Stop what you're doing and watch Merchant get turnt up.

"Lip Sync Battle" got down and dirrty last night.

It's hard to imagine anyone outdoing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's insanely awesome "Shake It Off" performance -- straight. up. flames -- or Anna Kendrick's perfectly choreographed interpretation of "Booty," but we're here to tell you that the show's latest champion Stephen Merchant rivaled the best of the best. It was truly a one of a kind performance.

Of course, we knew Merchant had serious lip syncing skillz. He crushed our bae Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night" back in 2013 with a spirited performance of "Single Ladies." Seriously, look at this ish:

We honestly thought it couldn't get better than that... but it did, dear readers. IT DID. We will never be the same after watching Merchant, who is six-foot-seven BTW, twerk to "Dirrty." Everything has changed for us. The world is now a much brighter place because of this historic achievement for mankind.


That's not to say Malin Akerman wasn't a worthy opponent. The woman let Merchant pour actual sugar on her! How meta. "She's, like, the most adorable gangster I've ever seen," cooed Chrissy Teigen after watching Akerman get totally turnt up for her performance of Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty."

It was a solid effort, but the blonde was no match for the Brit and his super-stuffed junk. We love a man who can rock a pair of chaps with confidence.

Watch the scene-stealing performance below: