5 Bonding Moments That Prove 'Carter''s Family Isn't As Fractured As You Thought

Apparently, blood really is thicker than water.

Dysfunction, thy name is "Wilson."

The fractured family on "Finding Carter" has proven time and time again that they bear little resemblance to the famous Norman Rockwell painting that portrays domestic bliss: Over the past two seasons alone, we've witnessed marriage troubles, illicit affairs, seriously questionable judgment and lots of lies. Just how bad did it get? Even Grant got fed up and moved the hell out.

But on tonight's episode, there were a few glimmers of hope that the brood isn't as broken as we thought. Here are the five moments that proved Wilson blood is thicker than water and -- no matter what -- they are family!

  1. Elizabeth admits she needs her mommy.

    During (yet another) ferocious argument between Elizabeth and her mom, Grandma Joan fell to the floor unconscious, leaving the Wilsons terrified that she'd suffered a heart attack. But nothing can keep a good Gammy down, and before long, she was on her feet and requesting a bourbon (Cheers to you, girlfriend!). Still, the incident left the police officer shaken. "I have fought with that woman my entire life," she told David, "but if something actually happened to her, I would be a mess."

  2. David and Elizabeth get a lil flirty.

    To celebrate her birthday, the little missus requested that the entire family gather together for a special dinner at home -- one that would include her estranged hubby. That was pretty, well, strange -- but it was even odder when the twosome laughed, joked and kinda-sorta flirted with each other all evening as they tried to prepare the bday meal. ("Tried" being the operative word -- they're not exactly Ina Garten. Hell, they're not even Sandra Lee.) But most interestingly, Elizabeth later asked David to spend the night. "It'll be nice for all of us to be in the same house together," she said. Just one of those things that make you go hmmm...

  3. Carter defends family, rips friend a new one.

    When her blast-from-the-past pal Madison badmouthed the Wilson crew -- calling Elizabeth a "bitchy control freak" and Tay a "goody two shoes" -- Carter wasn't having it. "They may not be perfect, and they may have their problems, but they're my family," she said. Her impassioned words didn't seem to register with good ol' Madison, though, and when the mouthy teen continued to cop an attitude, Carter sent her packing. Bon voyage, Maddy!

  4. Taylor and Carter share a Hallmark moment.

    They'd been at each other's throats just last week -- that College Expo didn't exactly go as planned -- but tonight, the Wilson twins blissfully bonded. "You're the best person I know," Carter told Tay, who returned the compliment and begged her sister to attend the same college as her so they wouldn't be separated. But since Carter isn't exactly headed to the Ivy leagues like her sis, she came up with a solution: "How about this," she offered. "Wherever we end up, we talk every day." Taylor readily agreed, adding, "Twice."

  5. Grant channels his inner Betty Crocker.

    As the night ended, David prepared to drive Grant back to his new abode (aka Gammy's house). But surprise: the youngest Wilson wanted to stick with his family. "I was actually thinking of staying here tonight if it was okay," he said. That wasn't his only act of goodwill: He'd even made a birthday cake for Elizabeth (and from the looks of it, he even bakes better than Sandra Lee.). Plates be damned, each Wilson grabbed a fork and dug into the sweet treat together. Sure, it wasn't exactly that Rockwell painting, but frankly, it was good enough for us.

So, friends and viewers alike: Did "FC"'s latest episode give you hope for the Wilson family? And do you think David and Elizabeth might actually get back together? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to keep up with "Finding Carter" every Tuesday at 10/9c!