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What Would A Taylor Swift And Young Buck Collab Sound Like? The G-Unit MC Explains

Who wouldn't want to see T-Swizzle and Buck on a track?

Imagine a song that could unite Swifties, G-Unit soldiers and the entire music world. That’s what Young Buck sees when he visualizes a collaboration with Taylor Swift, who recently showed love for his 2004 hit “Shorty Wanna Ride” by singing its hook while accepting a Shorty Award last month.

“I would want to do a record with Taylor that would be basically a party record,” Buck told Complex May 6. "I would want to have fun with Taylor. Wild out…It would just be a record where it would come on and the whole world would just party one time. Soon as you hear it, you just drop everything and you just start partying right then and there.”

Buck went on to say that their collaboration would be huge for Nashville, where he’s from and where Taylor moved as a teen.

“It would be gigantic for the city. It would probably be one of the biggest things that ever happened,” Buck said. “You would have two different artists in two different genres of music that has this multi-platinum, big hit all over the world that nobody expected. That comes from right here, Music City, USA. And it would just show the world, this is where real music is. This is where it is birthed at. This is where it’s at right now!"

This might not be too far-fetched. Taylor's such a big fan of Buck, in fact, that she used to drive by his home in Nashville back in the day.

"When I was in high school, my boyfriend and I would drive around and he’d always point to this neighborhood where Young Buck lived," she told Vibe last year. "We would drive by and look at his cars and be like ’Oh my gawwwwwd! Those cars are so coooool! I wonder if he’s in there!’”

Plus, she's a huge fan of rap in general. She can rhyme Kendrick Lamar's "Backseat Freestyle" by heart, has worked with T-Pain, B.o.B. and even covered Eminem.

Looks like we're that much closer to a Buck/Swift collab. What do you think their hit would sound like? Let us know in the comments.