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Why Did Kanye West Thank Cher When He Met Her?

And what did Kim K and Cher talk about?

You probably already knew that Cher inspired Kim Kardashian, but did you know she heavily influenced Kanye West, too?

Apparently, Yeezy thanked Cher for a super-influential move when he and Kim spoke with the legendary singer at the Met Gala.

Cher opened up about what she and KimYe discussed on Twitter when a fan asked what it was like to meet Kim. The iconic singer used that opportunity to dish about her convo with Ye, too.

"She was very gracious,” Cher said Monday (May 4). "We talked about our trips to Armenia. Kanye thanked me for Auto-Tune. They were sweet and seemed to be having fun.”

Kanye thanking Cher for Auto-Tune makes sense. Her epic 1998 "Believe" single was the first hit to use Auto-Tune, according to The New York Times.

Listen to "Believe" below.

After “Believe,” Cher used Auto-Tune on several cuts, including “The Music’s No Good Without You.”

And “Real Love”

And “Different Kind Of Love Song.”

Kanye eventually used it on several tracks, including “Heartless”

And “Amazing”

And, actually, the whole 808s & Heartbreak LP.

We have to wonder if the unlikely duo also discussed a potential collaboration for Yeezy's upcoming SWISH album. How epic would that be?