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The First 'Vacation' Trailer Is Here To Give You A Goodnight Rim Job

Plus, a pretty borderline NSFW shot of Chris Hemworth's undercarriage.

If we learned one new thing from this hilarious new red band trailer for "Vacation," it's that Ed Helms is woefully behind on his sexual slang. Do not ask the dude what a glory hole is...or a rim job, for that matter.

And we'll do you a favor if you're in the same boat: a rim job is definitely not a kiss where you keep your mouth closed, and you should not give one to your dad.

That's not the only part of the filthlarious trailer that'll have you crying with laughter. Did we mention Chris Hemsworth's lengthy appearance to show off how, uh, lengthy he is? Those boxer briefs don't leave much to the imagination, is all we're saying.

Chevy Chase makes an appearance as the elder Griswold in a nod to the original "Vacation," along with all kinds of sly remarks about how this vacation (in both the titular and literal sense) will stand alone.

Check out Helms, Christina Applegate and the rest of a new generation of Griswolds in the red band trailer for "Vacation."

"Vacation," the directorial debut of Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, hits theaters July 29.