This Is How It Plays Out When An Online Romance Fizzles IRL

'Catfish' followed two people whose virtual chemistry didn't survive face-to-face contact.

Something unusual happened on tonight's "Catfish" episode: The elusive online dater in question proved to be exactly who she claimed to be -- name, occupation and appearance considered. Still, somehow, the episode's protagonist left the eventual face-to-face meeting in tears, insisting he never wanted to see the story's second party again. So what the hell happened?

On the episode -- the last new "Catfish" adventure until July 8 -- a Texan mother named Aurora reached out to Max and Nev on behalf of her son Steven. Steven, who'd been catfished before, was infatuated with a California gal named Samm, Aurora told the sleuths, and added she was afraid her son was getting played for a second time. Because Steven had never been in love, Aurora expressed concerns that he still had some growing to do and was a little bit green when it came to matters of the heart.

After some preliminary research, Max and Nev couldn't seem to unearth any clear skeletons Samm was hiding online and had reason to believe she wasn't lying about her identity. Still, Samm admitted to the guys during a phone call that she hadn't been completely honest with Steven and wanted to come clean in person.

Finally, in Hanford, California, Samm revealed herself to be...herself...and neither she nor Steven could hide their shock at the apparent good fortune. Still, Samm had some business to take care of, and after pleasantries had been successfully exchanged, she confessed to Steven -- who believed he and Samm were exclusive -- that she'd been dating other guys while in touch with him. Still, Samm insisted her feelings for Steven were real, and though he seemed disappointed, he didn't allow the revelation to change the way he felt.

Unfortunately, things didn't work out quite the same way for Samm.

After sleeping on her initial meeting with Steven, Samm realized that she simply didn't feel the sparks that she and Steven shared online and tried to gently convince him that they'd probably make better friends than a couple.

"Over texting, I felt like we were heading towards a relationship maybe," she began. "[Now] I just feel like the connection is kind of's just a friend connection I feel in person, really."

"In person, we're strangers, so it's just weird to connect the two after such a long time," she added.

Steven, who'd put all his eggs in Samm's basket, was totally devastated, and though Samm insisted she wanted to remain close, Steven wasn't ready to make the concession.

"I don't really see a point in me being in your life then," Steven said before excusing himself from the table and leaving Samm in tears.

Ultimately, Samm and Steven did find a way to be friends, and in a catch-up interview, Samm said she had even planned a trip to visit Steven. As of now, though, the romance is still very much on hold.

There's never been a "Catfish" story that more clearly addressed the idea that an online relationships doesn't necessarily lead to an IRL connection, and Samm expressed that discord in perfectly truthful fashion. Do you have a similar story of meeting someone for the first time, only to find they were better suited for you from across the world-wide web? Share your thoughts below, and hang tight for a few short weeks to catch new "Catfish" episodes!