Highlands County Sheriff's Office

Here's How Pizza Delivery Literally Saved A Woman's Life

Justice served in under 30 minutes.

Having a pizza on the way is always good news, but one woman in Florida found a way to make ordering a pie a literal life-saving move. On Monday (May 4), Cheryl Treadway and her three children were held hostage by her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson.

Nickerson, who deputies believe may have been under the influence of amphetamines at the time, had spent the day fighting with Treadway and threatening her with a large knife. When she attempted to leave to pick her children up from school, Nickerson forced her to bring him with her and confiscated her phone in the process. Once back at the house, Treadway convinced Nickerson to allow her to use her cell phone to order Pizza Hut for the kids.

While entering her order, Treadway wrote in the comments section "Please help. Get 911 to me" and "911hostage help!" Pizza Hut employees, who said Treadway is a frequent customer, were immediately alarmed by the message. They alerted the Highlands County Sheriff's Office.

Officers arrived at Treadway's home, where they escorted Treadway and her children to safety before convincing Nickerson to exit the house peacefully. Nickerson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a weapon without intent to kill, battery, false imprisonment and obstructing justice by depriving communication to law enforcement.

Watch the full ABC News report below: