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13 Times Harley Quinn Was An Independent Woman Who Didn't Need No Joker

Move over, Puddin'. Harley's the real star.

Ever since her first appearance in "Batman: The Animated Series," Harley Quinn's become just as much of a household name as Robin, Batgirl, or other supporting characters in the Bat Family -- and that now she's even getting a huge role in Warner Brother's upcoming "Suicide Squad" movie, it won't be long before everyone's head over heels for Harley!

Of course, despite her popularity Quinn's always been a controversial and even tragic character due to her super abusive relationship with the Joker. But there's more to her than her dependence on the Dark Knight's biggest nemesis, especially now that she has her own self-titled comic book series about living in New York and trying to go straight. Here's proof that Harley can hold her own with the best of 'em, and have fun doing it.

  1. That Time She Wanted To Solve Her Problems Herself.
    Warner Bros.

    Get out of here, Bruce Wayne! Harley doesn't need your help!

  2. That Time She Saw The Bright Side.

    Get in trouble? That's no reason to mope.

  3. That Time She Gave Arrow Some Great Advice.
    DC Comics

    Come on, Queen, you know she's right.

  4. That Time She Had The Right Priorities.
    DC Comics

    Stopping evil plans is NOT as important as pizza.

  5. That Time She Had The Best Fashion Sense.

    As much as we love her iconic full-length outfit, you've gotta admit -- it's nice to be able to switch things up once in a while.

  6. And Then Had The Right Priorities AGAIN.

    In a toss-up between pizza and the Joker, pizza always wins.

  7. That Time She Went To Comic-Con To Pitch Her Own Comic Series.
    DC Comics

    Nothing like breaking a fourth wall, right?

  8. That Time She Totally Predicted Her Own Success.
    DC Comics

    Sure, Harley's not the best role model, but these days she's trying!

  9. That Time She Came Up With The Perfect Roller Derby Name...

    "QuinnSlayer" would also be a great one if she ever wanted to attract "Game of Thrones" fans.

  10. And Then Turned Out To Be Really Good At It.
    DC Comics

    Turns out that fighting for a living is the perfect training for contact sports.

  11. That Time She And Poison Ivy Taught A Lesson To Catcallers.

    Don't whistle at women from cars, boys. They might have bazookas.

  12. And That Other Time She And Ivy Embraced Their Sexuality.
    DC Comics

    Mistah J-who?

  13. Like, Really Embraced It.
    DC Comics

    Seriously, who could even THINK of shipping Harley with the Joker when Poison Ivy exists?