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Shay Mitchell's ***Flawless Vacation Photos Will Get You Ready For Summer

Life is literally a beach for this "Pretty Little Liar."

Shay Mitchell's Instagram is a bottomless chasm of beauty and wonderment. In fact, one scroll through her archive of perfectly filtered photos will have you ready for summer.

That being said, it's no surprise that this "Pretty Little Liars" star just booked her own travel show. Yesterday, Collective Digital Studio announced that they're working with Mitchell on a new digital travel series called "Shaycation." Per a press release given to MTV News, "Shaycation" will follow Mitchell as she "makes the perfect travel companion, guiding audiences on explorations to some of the world’s most exotic locations including Belize and the South of France."

That sounds pretty freakin' awesome. Who wouldn't want to travel the world with Shay? Having already looked through her gorgeous #Shaycation pics, not only are we ready to explore the world with the "PLL" star, but we're also ready to hit the beach and get our tans on!

Because we're oh-so-awesome -- and huge fans of sunshine and happiness -- we're rounded up a few of our fave #Shaycation photos to get you in the mood for summer. Grab your passport! We're about to go on a fabulous journey.

  • Here she is in Morocco.
  • Just hanging out, looking gorgeous
  • Lying on pillows and blankets and tapestries and stuff
  • Riding camels, as per usual
  • Eating food that actually looks like art
  • Lounging by the pool
  • Pampering herself with a spa day
  • Wandering around Marrakesh
  • Climbing mountains
  • Going for a swim with her sunnies on
  • Looking fabulous all day, errday
  • Oh, and here she is jumping around in Dubai
  • Sunning in Bali
  • Waking up in India
  • Enjoying the colorful, unique beauty of Holi
  • And being a ***flawless queen

Yep. We're officially ready for summer now.