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Apparently, This Is How Much Money Songwriters Made Off 'Uptown Funk'

Don't believe us? Just read.

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars have made a lot of money off the super-catchy “Uptown Funk” but they aren’t the only ones.

Originally, the song had four writers: Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Jeffrey Bhasker and Phillip Lawrence. They were each going to split the cash made from the song. But, before the song was even released, two more songwriters were given credit for the track.

According to Billboard, Trinidad James and producer Devon Gallaspy were credited because the lyric “Don’t believe me just watch” was lifted from their “All Gold Everything” cut. Soon, even more writers would be added to this list.

On May 1, five writers behind The Gap Band’s 1979 song “Oops Upside Your Head” were reportedly given credit for “Uptown Funk,” too. That's because a claim was made by Minder Music, a publishing company working for the songwriters. They apparently found similarities between the two cuts.

So, now, even more people have to split that “Uptown Funk” dough. With all of these writers involved, it kind of makes you wonder how much they’ve all made from the track, right? Well, according to Vulture, this is what that breakdown looks like: