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14 Things You Need To Know Before You See Ed Sheeran On Tour

Are you ready, Sheerios?

Ed Sheeran is back in the States!

After months of anxiously waiting and being super jealous of everyone overseas that was seeing him in concert, we get to see Ed kicking off the North American leg of his Multiply World Tour tonight (May 6) in Austin, Texas.

Ed will jet-set all over the U.S. from now until the end of September, before finishing up this year-long trek in December.

So what can Sheerios expect when they catch Ed in action? Well, here’s 14 things you should know before you go.

  1. Get Ready For Your Close-Up

    Ed takes pics of fans every night from the stage, so make sure to smile.

  2. You Will Be Entertained

    He promises.

  3. You Might Be His Backup Singer

    Scratch that, you WILL be his backup singer for several songs.

  4. But You May Leave With No Voice

    Ed said at his concert at London’s O2 Arena that his "goal is for you to leave this gig with no voice." I have a feeling no one will mind.

  5. It's A One-Man Band

    If you're looking for a big production, then you've got the wrong show. It's just Ed, his guitar, a couple of microphones and his trusty loop pedal system.

  6. Throwback Covers

    Ed loves a good cover. Most recently he was putting his spin on a personal fave of mine, the Backstreet Boys' "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)." But, who knows? He might switch it up again.

  7. Lots and Lots of Sheerios

    Showing their love.

  8. They Will Even Multiply

    See what I did there?

  9. Get A Little Joy From Foy

    Foy Vance is Ed's opening act, so let him dazzle you with his music -- and his awesome mustache.

  10. Expect The Old Love Songs

    Just "Give Me Love."

  11. And The New Ones

    Just "Thinking Out Loud" that this might be my favorite moment.

  12. You Might Learn Something

    Since he's basically a professor now.

  13. Get Your Cellphones Ready

    Because you're going to light it up.

  14. You May Have Withdrawals Once It's Over

    I know I did after the + Tour.