This Is So Fetch: A 'Mean Girls' Star Is Joining 'Awkward'

Jonathan Bennett -- aka that dreamy guy Lindsay Lohan fell for -- will play Jenna's new co-worker.

Sadie Saxton might have a tongue sharp enough to cut through paper, but Palos Hills' true "Mean Girls" authority has yet to arrive.

Jonathan Bennett, who played Lindsay Lohan's love interest in the massively popular 2004 comedy, will join the cast of "Awkward" for a multi-episode arc during the second half of Season 5, MTV announced today. The season's first batch of episodes, which kicks off August 31 at 9/8c, will find Jenna and her pals barreling through the tail end of senior year, but when it picks back up for a second installment, the show will have flash-forwarded to the gang's first summer after freshman year of college.

While old friends will have plenty of catching up to do, Bennett will play new face Ethan, a sharp, articulate, late-20s wordsmith whom Jenna meets at her summer job. So, will the fellow ink-slinger prove to be a pal to Jenna, or amount to linguistic competition? Hey, as long as she's making enough $ to finance the late-night junk food attacks still to come during her collegiate sophomore year...

Whaddya think -- is Bennett's "Awkward" addition simply fetch? Share your reaction, check out the trailer for the first half of Season 5 and be sure to tune in to the premiere later this summer!