Bloodshed And Betrayal Still To Come On This Season Of 'Finding Carter'

See all the action in the show's mid-season trailer!

For months, Carter Stevens has been trying to leave behind the details of a previous life in which a woman kidnapped and raised her, but as "Finding Carter" continues, she'll grow to miss the affection of Lori, her abductor, and desperately try to get it back.

In the show's mid-season trailer below, Carter will learn that Lori, who's been institutionalized, attempted suicide, and though Carter's last words to Lori were harsh and dismissive, the news will evidently strike a nerve in Carter, who will try to once again work her way into Lori's good graces.

"I love you, and you love me more," Carter pleads with Lori, who's restrained in a chair, in the clip. "Tell me you love me more."

Still, it seems an old friend will provide Carter some comfort, and though Max was most recently involved with Carter's twin sister Taylor, he and Carter will find re-sparked romance. Unsurprisingly, the reunion won't sit too well with Taylor.

"I wish you were dead," she barks at Carter. Yikes!

And that's just the beginning -- who'll go down in combat? Who's coming to blows in the woods? Watch the video, and be sure to keep watching "Finding Carter" Tuesday nights at 10/9c!