Ryan Gosling/Vine

Ryan Gosling Paid Tribute To The 'Won’t Eat His Cereal' Guy And Now My Heart Is Breaking

Ryan McHenry passed away at age 27 on May 3.

If you've been on the Internet for any length of time, you've probably seen the "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal" meme. Created by artist Ryan McHenry, the meme takes footage of Ryan Gosling in movies and tries to feed him spoonfuls of cereal... Except the handsome actor ain't having any of it.

It's hilarious, and the perfect encapsulation of everything good in the intersection of total ridiculousness and celebrity culture on the Internet. Except unfortunately, McHenry had cancer. I say had, because according to Vine's own company account, he passed away on May 3.

To die of cancer is heartbreaking no matter what, but McHenry was only 27 -- and with the limitless creativity that launched the Scottish filmmaker to viral heights, who knows what he could have done if given more time.

And one person who realizes that, probably more than anyone else? Ryan Gosling, who gave McHenry the tribute he always asked for in life, but sadly only got in death. That's right: in honor of McHenry, Ryan Gosling finally ate his cereal.

Gosling added an additional tweet as a eulogy for McHenry.

Gosling's humbled statements ring true, and hopefully underscore that whether you're an international movie star or someone just filming six seconds at a time, you have the power to change someone else's life. So raise a spoon, grab a bowl of cereal, and remember McHenry for the incredible, short, hilarious gifts he gave the world.