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Miley Cyrus Debuts A New Hair Color At The Met Gala

This time, it's on her head.

Miley Cyrus has always gone BIG when it comes to the Met Gala—remember her spiked hair in 2013? Yeah—so last night when she teased that she'd be attending this year's event, we knew we could expect something mayjah. And, um, yeah—she did not disappoint.

Miley arrived in a studded turtleneck dress, which may sound conservative, but is definitely not, thanks to two huge cutouts in the middle of it. There are two additional cutouts along the shoulders, but, TBH, they get lost alongside their bigger counterparts.

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One thing that was definitely not lost, though? Um, A NEW HAIR COLOR. While Miley showed off her newly dyed armpit hair last week, she saved her green (? Is that the color? INTERNET, GIVE ME BETTER PICS!!!!) hair reveal for the Met Gala. While the color change could just be for the evening, it's an exciting change that 100% complements her ear cuff.