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Sorry U.S. Taylor Swift Fans, Tokyo Swifties Already Have The Best '1989' World Tour Outfits

Yeah, we said it.

Taylor Swift has been in Tokyo for less than 24 hours, and she's already had a "very low key arrival" (see: not at all), got a lesson in peeling jumbo shrimp and built a stage all in preparation for her 1989 World Tour, which kicks off tomorrow.

It might seem like a lot has already gone down, but hey, Taylor hasn't been the only one prepping for this monumental moment: Tokyo Swifties are sharing their decked-out ensembles for her debut show, and dudes, they are AMAZING.

On the left, an entire swarm of Swifties recreated Taylor's scrunchie-obsessed character Natalie from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon's sketch "Ew!". In case you forgot what that outfit looked like, well, these ladies are a total dead ringer for the original.

On the right, a group of girls took inspiration from her "Incredible Things" fragrance and hand painted similar watercolor flowers on matching two-piece sets because, duh, that's her THING.

And for the most insanely awesome outfits of all, these girls took black co-ords and lit 'em up with LED lights that spelled out "13" across their backs AND along their skirt hem. *slow clap* If this is just what the fans are wearing, we can't imagine what T Swift is gonna be bringing to the stage, y'all.