In 'The Heir,' One Princess Has 35 Chances At Love -- Meet One

What do you think of this dude?

What if you had 35 suitors vying for your hand in marriage? Or, like, to take you to prom or something? Seems pretty awesome, right? Not if you're Princess Eadlyn -- because, you know, princesses in YA books never want to just get married. (More power to 'em.)

"The Heir," by Kiera Cass, is the next installment in her "The Selection" series -- and it takes place 18 years after America Singer and Prince Maxon from the earlier books lived happily ever after. Their daughter, Eadlyn, is set to have her own Selection, in which droves of dudes will compete for her affection -- much to her chagrin.

The book drops TOMORROW, but you can getting amped TODAY by meeting one of Eadlyn's suitors, Holden Messenger, below. Epic Reads has the rest over on their YouTube channel, so after watching those vids the question becomes: Which suitor suits you? And Eadlyn...