Mick Hutson/Redferns

Watch Nirvana Talk To MTV Through A Sock Puppet In 1991

They also played 'Come As You Are.'

Tonight, "Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck" premieres on HBO, drawing -- in livid detail -- a portrait of the lead singer of Nirvana. But back in 1991? The band was young -- and they were talking to MTV through sock puppets. Wait, what?

MTV News continues to fuel the nostalgia train today with a special clip from the 1991 Reading Festival, at which the band performed -- among other songs -- "Come As You Are" (with Dancing Tony making a brief cameo) and talked with MTV News for what we're told is the first time.

The interview isn't -- shall we say -- the smoothest of conversations, with the journalist asking about the origin of the name Nirvana ("You tell us the story," bassist Krist Novoselic shoots back), how Webster would redefine the word "Nirvana" (Novoselic makes a crack about the TV show "Webster") and if they were all art students ("We never graduated from high school," Krist says). It all culminates with Novoselic with his sock on his hand. We'll let you watch that for yourself...