Andy Gross

Magician Casually Splits His Body In Half, Terrifies Everyone: Watch

This prank may ruin elevators for you.

Getting stuck in an elevator would be NBD compared to what happened to these poor souls. Comedian, magician and ventriloquist Andy Gross does this terrifying thing where he can split his body in half. OK, not literally, but it's a hell of an illusion. See for yourself:

Andy Gross

Gross rose to viral internet stardom in 2013 after posting a video of him terrifying passersby with this trick. Now the SplitMan, Gross' unofficial name, is back to scaring the pants off people. This time around he's horrifying clueless bystanders somewhere where they can't easily run away, as most did in the first vid -- an elevator.

The reactions span from horrific screaming to an exasperated "I'm good without that today" -- ugh, we feel ya dude -- to a casual "Can we take a picture with you?" We get this too. Pics or didn't happen, duh.

Here's the original prank from a couple years ago: