Finally We Know What That 'Black Widow' Movie Would Look Like

ScarJo's been trolling everyone. And the results are hilarious.

Dear everyone, Scarlett Johansson has officially heard your cries for a Black Widow one-off movie, and she is ready to go solo.

During her turn as host for "SNL" last night (May 2), ScarJo delivered a little sampling of what a Black Widow-centric movie might look like. Only, we have a feeling this isn't quite the action satisfaction you were expecting.

Instead of serving up a heaping helping of all that pistol-whipping, ass-kicking Natasha Romanoff fist-pumpery we've grown accustomed to, Scarlett and the "SNL" squad decided to flip the script and turn the concept into a terrible rom-com scenario. Yes.

In it, Widow's a ladder-climbing leather-clad intern with Fashion Weekly magazine whose boyfriend Ultron has gone off the rails and blew up her workplace just for kicks. And her besties Nick Fury and Captain America just can't tell her enough how he is so not good enough. Wait for it.

Why didn't we see this coming? And how will the eventual real thing ever be able to stack up to this?

We're soooo not worthy, ScarJo. Not even close.