Guido Mieth/Getty Images

Criminal Arrested After 'Liking' His Own Mugshot On Facebook

When a thumbs up leads to wrists in cuffs.

Criminals use Facebook too. But in a strong case that argues maybe they shouldn't, a man was arrested after he "liked" a photo of himself that turned up on his local Crime Stoppers Facebook page. Oops.

Levi Charles Reardon, a 23-year-old Montana resident, allegedly stole someone's wallet and used their checkbook to forge checks to himself. Last month, the Cascade County Crime Stoppers posted a photo of Reardon on Facebook, and a friend of his tagged him in the comments section. Presumably amused at seeing his own face, Reardon gave the image a thumbs up.

He was arrested last week for felony forgery charges, according to the Great Falls Tribune. Whether or not the "like" led directly to the arrest isn't clear, but the bonehead social media fail certainly didn't help his case.

One commenter on the post noted that it was his friend's tag which alerted Reardon to the "Most Wanted" photo. "Haha his buddy commented and tagged him in the first place! whatta nice friend! LOL," the comment read. Reardon's friend replied, saying, "If I see someone I know making poor life choices gotta make sure it's known plus half the time people don't even know they have warrants or are wanted." Fair enough.

The takeaway here? Be careful with your thumbs up on Facebook, before you end up in cuffs (but also, don't do stupid things like steal wallets in the first place).