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Could Kendrick Lamar Join The Avengers?

Meet his superhero alter ego.

Kendrick Lamar is already a super dope MC, but what kind of superhero would he be?

The Compton, Calif. rapper recently sat down with Mass Appeal to break down his superhero alter ego. On a day when "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is set to hit theaters, we have a feeling K. Dot would be a pretty ill addition to the squad. Who else would you pick to defeat the villains in a m.A.A.d. city?

Here's the type of superhero K. Dizzle would be.

  • Kendrick's Superhero Name

    Yep, it's Kendrick "Harbody" Lamar.

  • His Uniform
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    "There’s really no uniform. That’s the catch. Whatever environment he’s in, he chameleons into that environment. No mask. No nothing. You don’t see him coming."

  • K. Dot’s Super Powers
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    “Straight love. Energy…He actin’ on a work of love. His energy builds up to the next man and builds up all around the world. Everybody’s full of this superb energy.”

  • His Superhero Ride

    "He might pull up in a pinto, a 2-door Honda or something like that. You know? Or if he’s in a prestige spot, he might pull up in a Beamer."

  • Kendrick's Ultimate Villain
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    “Lucy…in actuality, it’s Lucifer.”

  • So, Would He Fit Right In?

    Yeah. I have a feeling "The Avengers" would welcome Hardbody to the team.