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'Game Of Thrones': Melisandre Explains What It's Like To Seduce Jon Snow

Apparently, it's all about body odors and a great sense of humor.

Spoilers for the May 3 episode of "Game of Thrones" lie ahead.

When the curtain metaphorically closed on Sunday night's (May 3) episode of "Game of Thrones," it also closed quite permanently for one beloved member of the show's sprawling cast -- Barristan Semly, who perished when Meereen's Sons of the Harpy got all stabby. But surprisingly enough, the "GoT" phrase that ended up trending on Twitter all night was "Jon Snow" -- because fans were once again freaking the f--k out that Melisandre (Carice van Houten) dared to put her hands on him in a very steamy seduction scene.

"They hate me," van Houten told MTV News when she visited our studios in April. "They hate me."

Van Houten explained that she got her first taste of Kit Harington's protective Twitter fanbase during the airing of the season five premiere, when Melisandre got a little handsy with Jon during that awkward elevator ride -- but she seems to have a pretty healthy perspective on the whole thing.

"On Twitter, they're like 'get your hands off Jon Snow! What are you doing? Get away Red Woman!'" van Houten explained. "They're really looking out for him. They're protecting him. They don't want to see me together with him -- not at all."

For what it's worth, van Houten didn't seem all that stoked on being seen together with Snow either, if only because the show makes her strip naked in the freezing Ireland weather every time they're together. But when it does happen, she says that a mix of body lotions, Harington's professionalism, and a healthy sense of humor help her get through the long, cold day.

"Any scene where there's nudity involved, it's always very professional, very technical, there's nothing sexual about it," she continued. "The only thing I do to prepare is just make sure my body smells right -- you don't want someone to be distracted by any odors or whatever. So I just make sure that I smell right, that I'm soft, that someone can touch me in a nice way.

"And I just trust my co-actor. Kit Harington is a professional young actor who is lovely to work with. I joked around [on set] a little bit, I said my mother would be quite jealous at this point... I think she has some sort of crush on him. But it was fine. It's not my favorite thing in the world to undress publicly, but I think it served the scene."

It definitely served the scene, based on the Internet's reaction -- and according to van Houten, the fireworks between Melisandre and Jon Snow are only getting started.

"I cannot wait until I see the Twitter reactions on that scene, or on the scene that's coming after [episode] four," she said. "You're saying bigger scene? There's a bigger scene coming up. An even bigger scene."