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A$AP Rocky Is Working On A New Album Based On A$AP Yams' Blueprint

Rocky says Yams' LP is 'incredible.'

When A$AP Yams passed in January, A$AP Rocky was understandably emotional. Now, it looks like that emotion is fueling a new project.

Rocky revealed that he's looking to celebrate Yams' work by finishing the album his A$AP brother started while he was alive, in Billboard's May cover story.

"He left his notebooks, he left his blueprint," Rocky said. "His album's f--ing incredible. I want to finish what he started."

According to the publication, Rocky has been working on this project in "nightly studio sessions," but it is still unclear if or when the album will be released to the public. Before that project drops, Rocky's scheduled to release his sophomore album At. Long. La$t. A$AP on May 12.

When Yams died of a reported accidental drug overdose in January, Rocky's mind was not on music. "I just lost my brother," he told MTV News. "F–k all this music sh-t. When it comes down to it, would I trade this music for Yams? Yes. Because in all reality, Yams is the only person that’s actually been through this sh-t with me and knows how I feel."