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See How One Artist Recreated Graffitied Subway Ads

That's a lot of lipstick.

Subway ads are perfect distractions for when you're waiting forever for the next train or for when you're trying not to make eye contact with people during rush hour. But once they're up, they don't last very long until they're destroyed by a person with Sharpie in hand.

Artist Lydia Cambron decided to turn those defaced ads into a project, called "Makeup Transit Authority," in which she uses makeup to recreate the graffitied ads on her own face.

"What I like is the connection between the defacing marks and makeup. My intention isn’t to suggest a correlation between the two; I just find it interesting that the looks can overlap when I use cosmetics," she told BuzzFeed.

Check out her work below and see her website for more of her stuff.

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