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AM Click: Conflicting Accounts Of Freddie Gray's Death, Dire Climate News And Apple Watch's Major Fail

This climate change news is bad, real bad.

Who’s Telling The Truth About Freddie Gray?

Somebody’s story isn’t checking out. After the Washington Post reported on Wednesday that police said Freddie Gray injured himself while being transported, a prisoner who was in the van with Gray and reportedly provided that information vehemently denied he told cops that Gray caused his own injuries. Meanwhile, the official Baltimore PD investigation found that Gray sustained his fatal injury when his head slammed into a bolt in the back of the van, which police now say made one additional, previously undisclosed stop. And while the city’s streets were relatively calm Thursday night, the Baltimore Sun reported that half the protesters arrested on Monday were released without any charges, after Gov. Larry Hogan issued an order to keep them held twice as long as allowed to "protect the public safety."

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If We Don’t Stop Climate Change Now… It’s Bad, Real Bad

Scientists keep ringing the alarm about how we’re close to the point of no return on climate change. But a new study in the journal Science makes it very clear where the edge is: if we don’t turn things around one in six species on the planet could face extinction. A climatologist looked at 131 studies and found that 16 percent of species would be snuffed out by climate change, which would have a huge impact on biodiversity, which is crucial for the planet’s function. Tesla founder Elon Musk may have one answer: Tesla Energy, an ambitious plan to power the world with his new $3,500 rechargeable Powerwall home battery, which could help consumers get off the industrial power grid and power their homes for up to 10 hours before needing a charge.

The Apple Watch Needs A Time Out

Remember Antennaegate? Well, just like that time in 2010 when people complained that the new iPhone had a janky antenna, some people are saying that the Apple Watch’s heart sensor, Apple Pay and call functions don’t always work if you happen to have solid-colored tattoos on your wrist. Oops. Even more troubling, the Wall Street Journal reported this week that another vaunted function, the taptic engine – which makes it feel like your wrist is being tapped – is also having problems, which could limit availability of the watches until the defect is corrected. Consider this: a teardown of the Apple Watch Sport found that it costs about $83.70 to build, or about 24% of the watch’s $349 retail cost.