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Nicki Minaj Just Took Us Way, Way Back With These Pictures

Let's take a trip down Memory Lane.

Nicki Minaj must be in a reflective mood.

The rapper posted a series of throwback pictures on Instagram today (Apr. 30) that allowed us to see how her style has evolved over the years.

One image she shared, from circa 2010, featured an early look donned by the rap princess-turned-queen.

The photo was taken on the set of the “Roger That” video. The track is from 2009's We Are Young Money album and features Lil Wayne and Tyga.

As if that weren't enough to leave us nostalgic, Nicki also posted a few more shots that reminded us just how far she’s come.

Remember the disco ball shoulder pad days?

What about her days as a rap 'monster?'

Want a more updated look?

So far, Nicki has had a busy 2015. In January, the MC dropped a documentary. From there, she gave amazing birthday shout-outs, showed an impressive healing power, and helped a boy become a man thanks to an unforgettable night. Oh, and she allegedly got engaged to Meek Mill, though those reports have still not been confirmed.