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50 Cent Sees A Small Scenario Where Manny Pacquiao Will Defeat Floyd Mayweather

But Fif says Floyd just doesn't know how to lose.

As Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao get set for one of the biggest boxing matches of this generation, Floyd’s friend and one-time foe, 50 Cent, will tune-in along with the rest of us on Saturday.

Actually, not like the rest of us because we're pretty sure Fif will actually be at the fight, ringside. Regardless of where he watches the match, 50 has serious thoughts on how the fight will turn out.

“[Mayweather’s] fighting more than an opponent,” 50 told Esquire in an interview published Thursday (Apr. 30). "He’s fighting the sport, itself. If it's close, they'll give it to Manny to see it again. Just to see it again. Forget what it does to him.

"The only thing that means more [to Floyd] than the money, is winning,” 50 added. "That's what brought the money and everything else. He may not be the same person without it."

50 went on to explain the psychology behind why it’s so hard to beat the undefeated Mayweather in the ring. “You hit him, he'll go, 'Oh, you've got to kill me.' He'll literally say that to himself in the process,” 50 explained. "It's not like he's gonna accept not winning. Not gonna do it. Don't even know how to.”

In March, 50 said he’d be betting $1.6 million on Floyd to beat Manny. We aren't sure if he's still putting money on the fight, but if he is, we have to think he's still going all in on his pal. Sure, they went through their rough patch (where Fif even called Floyd illiterate), but they did just reunite the original Money Team.