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Frances Bean Cobain: From OG Blue Ivy To Executive Producer

Frances Bean grew up right in front of our eyes.

We're obsessed with celebrity babies. Admit it. Take a glimpse at these headlines if you think I'm wrong.


But this is nothing new. Remember baby Frances Bean, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's only child? She was the original Blue Ivy, a public fixture growing up right in front of our eyes. Like Blue, there was a huge spectacle at her birth -- music's most famous couple were having a baby! And sure, there weren't as many headlines like this back when she was born in 1992, because, well, the Internet wasn't really a thing. But for a while, wherever Kurt was, there was Frances.

They brought her everywhere -- from awards shows to interviews. She made a cameo at the 1993 VMAs, just like Blue showed up at the 2014 VMAs. They are the children of rockstars -- and while we have yet to see how Blue will turn out, it seems Frances has flourished in front of her eyes (despite tragedy in her youth).

Even after her dad's 1994 death, Frances was constantly under the spotlight, attending events and parties with her mom, and being the subject of custody battles that involved Child Services.

Looking back at her life in photos, Frances was always close with her family -- despite turmoil. She grew up going to parties, fashion shows and premieres with Love -- which probably influenced the work she's doing now as a visual artist.

"I have this motivation and ambition that I didn't have before: 'I want to go paint this painting,'" she told Rolling Stone. "The hardest part of doing anything creatively is just getting up and doing. Once I get out of bed and get into my art room, I start painting. I'm there. And I'm doing it."

Now, as a 22-year-old, she executive produced HBO's "Montage of Heck," a documentary about Cobain, in which she makes plenty of baby-faced cameos.

In honor of her transition from famous baby to executive, let's take a look back at the moments that brought us here.

North West might've had her own photo shoot, but Kurt and Courtney brought Frances to their interviews with MTV News -- many times.

When she was only about one month old (she was born August 18, 1992), Nirvana brought her in for an interview. The first clip we found shows Kurt trying to burp her on camera. Aww.

Kurt also talks about how he was teaching her how to "cuss" and "flick people off."

In this clip, we see Courtney setting Frances up for a little photo shoot, coddling her with Kurt before their interview in 1993.

Frances got to go the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards!

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Early on, she was already meeting famous people ...

... Like Sinead O'Connor

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... And Kim Deal of the Pixies and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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She didn't seem to like RuPaul though.

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Here she is in the airport with Courtney Love in 1998.

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And at "The Grinch" premiere in 2000.


At the Lakers game in 2000...


At the premiere of "Pearl Harbor" in 2001...

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At the Grammys in 2002...

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At the premiere of "Charlie's Angels" in 2003...


At the "American Idol" season 4 finale in 2005...

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At the trunk show for Claire LaFaye in 2006...

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At a Bebe show in 2006...

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And here she is matching with her mom at Paris Hilton's 26th birthday dinner.

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She went to the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party in 2007 with Tallulah Belle Willis.

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And she also hung with photographer David La Chapelle in 2007.

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Of course she hit up the "Twilight" premiere in 2008.

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And here she is at a gallery opening in 2014.

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Here's Frances with fiance Isaiah Silva in 2015.

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And here's Frances and her mom (reunited) at the "Montage of Heck" premiere.

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