Michael Herrell

Get Ready To Barf -- This High School Cafeteria Served Meat From 2009

You want me to eat WHAT?!

For many of us growing up, the school lunch-lady seemed like a Disney villain who (we assumed) was out to get us. As adults, thinking back on it, we realize that feeding hundreds/thousands of students every day must be a tough job, and maybe we shouldn't have been so harsh.

But students in Hawkins County, Tennessee, apparently have every right to be terrified and disgusted. Multiple schools served meat last week that was packaged six years ago, reports WBIR.

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The dated pork had been thawed for meal preparation when a cafeteria worker reportedly alerted Hawkins County Commissioner Michael Herrell, who went directly to the school district -- and blew the whistle to the press.

According to Herrell, some schools refused to serve the meat, but others -- such as Cherokee Comprehensive High School -- weren't as cautious. "[I]t smelled so bad they made gravy to put over the meat to give it a smell and give it a better taste," he told WBIR.

So, how did this food end up being served? The chair of the local Board of Education told WCYB that the meat passed tests and "if you see on the USDA website, it's safe indefinitely." However, according to USDA guidelines, frozen, uncooked meat is only good for 12 months. To say this pork is past its prime is an understatement!

So far no students have gotten sick, according to school officials, and they are implementing guidelines to keep this from happening again. Until they do, you can't really blame a kid for wanting to eat a bag of chips for lunch.