New 'Fantastic Four’ Posters Finally Show Us Some Superheroes

They do sure look... amazing!

Pumped for director Josh Trank to unveil his unique vision of the legendary Marvel Comics superhero team "The Fantastic Four" later this summer? You're not alone -- and now you've got even more to fawn over today, as 20th Century Fox just released a new crop of character posters that highlights their incredible powers.

First, here's the whole fantastic family at once:

20th Century Fox

And here's all of them up close:

  • Richard Reed (Miles Teller)
    20th Century Fox

    Poor kid doesn't get to show off his powers like everybody else does. Oh well.

  • Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan)
    20th Century Fox

    Those air vents look pretty sweet, not gonna lie.

  • Sue Storm (Kate Mara)
    20th Century Fox

    Going for the shorter sleeve look on Sue's costume, we see. Nice choice.

  • Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell)
    20th Century Fox

    Wonder if Bell has to wear a "man-canceling suit" like Mark Ruffalo does to do all the motion capture work for "Age of Ultron?"

"The Fantastic Four" hits theaters on August 7th.