Who Had The Best Wildstyle Moment On 'Wild 'N Out'? You Decide!

It wouldn't be an episode of MTV2's "Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out" without a round of Wildstyle. This bonus rap battle game gives players the chance to show off their freestyling and trash-talking chops, while scoring points. It also gives special guests the chance to school Wildstyle mainstays while winning.

This game is in every episode for a reason -- because it brings out the the best moments. The following clips are the most epic of them all. Watch, enjoy and vote on your favorite Wildstyle moment by liking it on YouTube:

Kanye West vs. Red Team

As if everyone weren't wowed enough by his presence in the first place, Kanye West was spitting something much less friendly than fire. It was awesome.

Kevin Hart vs. Red Team

Comedian Kevin Hart proves that even if you can't come up with anything to say, you can still be hilarious about it.

Snoop Dogg vs. Red Team

Don't ever mistake Snoop Dogg's chillness for weakness. He can box with the best of 'em.

Chico & Karlous Old School Rap Battle

From father confessions to French Montana references, this old school rap battle has everything.

Conceited vs. Hitman Holla

Hide your kids, hide your wife -- but mostly hide yourself. If words had a fight club, this would be it.

Watch the new season of “Wild ‘N Out,” starting June 10th at 11/10c on MTV2