What's The Best Game On 'Wild 'N Out'? You Make The Call

They played 'em, you pick 'em.

We've seen all kinds of trash talking, joke slinging and comedic improvising over the past six seasons of "Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out" on MTV2, and in this case, you can't hate the players or the game. The "Wild 'N Out" games are what build the beef between teams, while keeping us on our toes as viewers. That'll happen all over again when the series returns to MTV2 starting June 10th at 11/10c.

The "Wild 'N Out" crew continue to keep it fresh and find new ways to dominate one another while making us laugh the entire time. Picking a favorite game might seem as difficult as playing against Kevin Hart IRL, but don't worry, we made it easy on you. Simply vote on the following nominees by liking the Instagram video of the wildest one below. Game on!

Turn Up For What

If you like combining Lil Jon and Michelle Obama references while twerking, this is the game for you.

Family Reunion

This game is fun and anxiety-inducing for audience members, who get called out by performers if they look like they could be related.

Let Me Holla

This game teaches fans an important lesson: If you're going to talk to a girl out of nowhere, be funny.

Who's On The Pole?

Stripper names are the most fun to come up with ... for someone else.

Plead The Fifth

What's better than a battle of the best insults? Probing each other for real embarrassing information! What you don't answer reveals much more than what you do, and it's always hilarious.

Watch the new season of “Wild ‘N Out,” starting June 10th at 11/10c on MTV2