5 Of The Biggest Lies Told On 'Finding Carter'

Frankly, some were downright ILLEGAL.

Excuse us for sounding childish, but...LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!

On tonight's episode of "Finding Carter," there were more than a few untruths told. Some were simple (Grant, we forgive you already), but others were a lot more serious (hey, Abby, you'll look awesome in an orange jumpsuit!).

Here, ranked from least offensive to most glaring, are the five biggest lies that were uttered on the latest "FC":

  1. Grant tells his parents he's going to school...

    ...but he spends all day at the arcade instead. And can you blame him for the minor infraction? He's dealing with his mom and dad's impending divorce AND the fact that they're both dating other people -- plus, he claims, neither of his folks listen to a word he says. As the youngster told his mother, "I'm the result of a rejecting, neglecting parenting style." Told you that kid is smart...

  2. Carter tells Elizabeth she crashed the car.

    The Wilson sisters almost got away with keeping their morning fender-bender a secret: When Taylor rear-ended another car on the way to school, the twins swiftly got Max to fix the damage so Elizabeth and David wouldn't find out. Too bad Mrs. Wilson got a phone call from the insurance company (insert D'oh! here). To protect her sister, Carter selflessly announced that she was the one behind the wheel -- but it wasn't the first time she'd told that particular lie...

  3. Carter tells THE POLICE she crashed the car.

    Immediately after the accident, Carter had claimed to cops that she was driving. The reason: Taylor could have gotten busted if they noticed she had taken one of Ofe's pills that morning. (Note to Tay: Keep it up, and there'll be a room waiting for you at Promises). And while that was certainly reason enough for Carter to want to protect her sis, it doesn't make her fib anything less than huge. Because, correct us if we're wrong, but isn't lying to the police kind of illegal?

  5. Abby tells the police she wasn't shagging a student.

    Now THAT's poor judgment: the guidance counselor began a full-on affair with Gabe despite the fact he's a kid and -- oh yeah -- she's engaged to some other dude. After Bird walked in on the amorous twosome, she totally called it: "I get it -- you're hot for teacher," she told Gabe. "But she could go to jail." And sure enough, by episode's end, Kyle and his fellow detectives had taken Abby into custody. During interrogation, she swore that the notion of her sleeping with a teenager was laughable. But maybe the cops should have asked one particular question: "HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM MARY KAY LETOURNEAU?"

  7. Gabe tells his father he doesn't know who Abby was, well, you know...

    When Kyle came home after a hard day at the police precinct, he chatted with his son about the Abby incident -- and asked if he knew who she'd been, um, romancing. When Gabe said no, he effectively clinched the #1 spot on our list of lies. The reason: He not only lied to his father but, in effect, he lied to the police too. And that's a TOTAL double whammy.

Which lie do you think was the biggest? And do you think Gabe will eventually 'fess up to his father or keep trying to protect Abby? Tell us in the comments section, and be sure to catch next week's "Finding Carter" on Tuesday at 10/9c!