Night Terrors

Turn Your House Into A 'Paranormal Activity' Movie With This Terrifying New Game

Could this be the future of survival horror games?

While console gaming is still a huge industry, mobile gaming is increasingly becoming the site of some of the most daring gameplay innovations. The latest example of this is "Night Terrors," an augmented reality game that transforms your home into a frightening house fit for a horror movie.

The game's creators want it to be the scariest game ever made, and it actually has the potential to live up to that goal thanks to its real-world anchoring. You're the protagonist in a kind of real-life "Paranormal Activity" re-creation.

Night Terrors

Gameplay involves walking around your house at night looking through your phone's screen. The game creates a 3D template of your surroundings using all the technology available on smartphones -- the camera, GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope. As you walk around, the game reacts to your environment in real-time. Developer Bryan Mitchell goes into more detail about this in the project's Indiegogo video, shown below.

As the video explains, this technology goes beyond virtual apparitions superimposed into your living room. Things seem to interact with actual objects in your house, such as paintings falling off the wall or sounds coming from behind closed doors. We have a feeling this is gonna lead to a lot of stubbed toes and dropped phones.

"Night Terrors" is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, where you can find out more about the game and donate to help it reach its $70,000 funding goal.