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New T-Pain Doc Shows A Different Side Of The Rappa Ternt Sanga

New and improved T-Pain.

Everyone knows T-Pain's hits. There's his No. 1 Billboard hit "Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')" and "Can't Believe It" with Lil Wayne; and then there's his contributions to Flo Rida's "Low" and DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win."

The list seems endless, but outside of his music, do you really know T-Pain?

On Wednesday, the Tallahassee, Florida singer and songwriter linked up with Worldstar Hip Hop Films and dropped "Bigger Than Pain," an original online doc which follows the two-time Grammy Award winner on the UK leg of his 2014 I Am T-Pain tour.

We watched the film and picked out these seven important things you should know.

  1. T-Pain's Music Isn't R&B, But 'Hard & B'

    Yes, T-Pain is a Rappa Ternt Sanga and he's technically probably an R&B artist, but don't box him in, because Pain labels his music "Hard & B." Sounds good to us.

  2. He Uses Auto-Tune To Give His Voice Edge, Not For Pitch Correction

    Pain popularized the auto-tune sound, but while most singers started out using the software to correct minor pitch corrections in their vocal recordings, T-Pain uses it for style purposes.

    And as we all know, he sounds great without it.

  3. Pain's Deceased Uncle Told Him To Cut His Hair In A Dream
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    When we first met Pain back in 2005, he had long, flowing locks, but he cut his hair in 2013 after his deceased uncle came to him in a dream and suggested a change. "I woke up crying," he said. "I woke up like, I'm going to do this today."

  4. He Doesn't Live The Rock Star Lifestyle On The Road

    Judging from Pain's music, you'd think it'll be a party every time he's out. But in his doc, he explains that he spends time alone recording music after all his shows. "I don't do the sh-t that people think that we do," he said. "Despite that my wife thinks that I'm just f--kin' murdering bitches every night... I'm just gonna be in my room by myself every night, just f--kin' workin' on music."

  5. Before He Ever Got Paid, T-Pain Worked On Music For Nine Years
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    "I don't do this sh-t for the check," Pain tells his entourage in one scene.

  6. And He Dropped Out of School In The Eighth Grade

    T-Pain is all in. In the film's most passionate scene, he tells his entourage that he dropped out of the eighth grade and, after music, has no other options.

  7. T-Pain Says He Doesn't Know How To Make A Hit

    "I don't know how to make a hit per se, but I know how to make a song that makes me feel good," he said in the doc. "And that's all I want to do is make music that makes me feel good."

    Maybe T-Pain is being modest, or maybe he really doesn't care. But regardless of his intention, he's a one-man hit factory. That's a fact.