Here's Why Birthday Boy Henry Cavill Will Have The Most Super 2015 Ever

From sexy gardener to Man of Steel.

Henry Cavill turns 32 years old today, not that he needs another reason to bust out the cake and champagne. The dude is Superman, after all.

But despite having had an excellent run on the planet so far, the coming year might just be Henry's biggest and best yet. And today, in honor of his birthday, we're tracing his career arc from his early days as an indie romantic hearthrob to his mega-fame as the Man of Steel.

  • Early days: When he captured our hearts in "I Capture the Castle."

    Not a lot of people saw this 1930s period drama, in which a young Henry played a supporting role. But if you did, you would have seen the promise lurking in the perfect cleft of his chin.

  • What happened next? We'll let Henry sum it up.

    A series of smaller roles in movies, a recurring spot on "The Tudors," and a breakout appearance as Theseus in "The Immortals" put Henry on the radar as an up-and-coming star.

  • And his career wasn't the only thing getting big, if you know what we're saying.

    After being tapped to play the title role in "Man of Steel," Henry's IRL transformation into a beefy superhero left no question that he was seriously dedicated to his rippling, glistening pecs craft.

  • The chest, er, rest, is history.

    Faster than a speeding bullet, hairier than a lumbersexual porn star: one look at Henry's supermanscaping was all it took to convince audiences that he was the living embodiment of truth, justice, and on-point masculine grooming.

  • Meanwhile, Henry is handling fame like a pro.

    The best thing about our Superman is the way he channels a humble, appreciative, Clark Kent-ish vibe when he's not in character.

  • But he also takes very seriously his legacy as an American hero.

    Oh, yeah. He gets it.

  • And with "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" hitting theaters next spring, Henry Cavill's 33rd year on the planet is going to be his biggest yet.

    Happy birthday, Henry! Don't forget to stop saving the world long enough to have some cake.