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'Furious 7' Director James Wan Looks Ready To Trade 'Fast' Cars For 'Robotech'

Wan keeps his eyes on the road, with 'Robotech' looking like one of his next movies.

What's next for James Wan? After revving up more than a billion dollars for Universal with "Furious 7," the filmmaker has more than a few options on the table — and one of them involves another beloved franchise, albeit one that hasn't gotten a fair shake on the big screen yet.

Deadline reports that Wan is looking to join forces with Sony Pictures to direct "Robotech," based on the 1980s anime series of the same name. "Robotech" takes place in a futuristic Earth where mankind uses robotic technology procured from a fallen alien starship in order to beat back a series of alien invasions. A pretty far-out concept, sure, but Wan knows a thing or two about far-out concepts, having masterminded this…

And this…

…and this:

From introducing the world to "Saw," then scaring the pants right off of you with "The Conjuring," and announcing himself as rockstar action filmmaker in "Furious 7," Wan's proven that he's one of Hollywood's most versatile directors right now — and he's right in his prime. If he wants to tackle "Robotech" because it's the opportunity to launch an all-new franchise, there are few better picks than Wan to make that happen.

There's no official deal on the table for Wan and "Robotech" quite yet, and even still, it seems like the movie would be a little ways off, since Wan's next set to direct "The Conjuring 2." As for what Wan turning to "Robotech" might mean for "Furious 8," due out in two years? Team Toretto would need a new wheelman if Wan's busy with other projects — so no better time than now to make your suggestions.