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Game Compares Baltimore Unrest To 1992 L.A. Riots In Op-Ed

Game says he participated in the L.A. riots as a kid.

Game is known for speaking his mind and that's precisely what he did in a new new op-ed for Billboard.

The rapper penned the op-ed for Billboard as unrest unfolds in Baltimore, Maryland following the death of 25-year old Freddie Gray. In the piece, he compares the current events to what he saw during the 1992 Los Angeles riots which erupted when four officers were acquitted following the videotaped beating of Rodney G. King.

The Compton, California MC says he participated in those riots as an 11-year-old. According to the rapper, he looted, threw bottles and jumped on police cars at the time. "At the moment, it felt great,” he wrote. "I felt like, you always hate the police for whatever reason. It all seemed cool for the moment, but now I'm 35.

"Looking back at what we did as a collective, a young black collective, we ruined our own neighborhood,” he continued. "I feel like we're seeing the same things happening in Baltimore."

In the piece, Game acknowledged that while he isn’t in Baltimore, the rapper understands the anger many feel today because of several reasons.

"Look at how long we've been victims of the world,” he wrote. "From slavery, from not being able to vote, up until our children. Young black men in general are targets. People [are] using unlawful force to take our lives. We've seen kids shot [and] beaten. We've seen everything. At the end of the day, we get fed up.”

Other rappers have also addressed the outrage, protests and riots that have taken place in Baltimore. Wale spoke directly to high school kids in the city and Meek Mill opened up about his personal experience with police. Then, King Los and other members of Baltimore’s Hip Hop community addressed the matter with MTV News today (Apr. 29).