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Hey Instagram, Here Are 19 Artists You Should Feature On Your New Music Account

From Beyonce to Miley Cyrus to Rihanna, these stars keep us glued to IG.

Instagram launched its new @music account today (Apr. 29) and they've got big plans in the works.

"The music community is –– and always has been –– an important part of Instagram," the company said on the account's first-ever IG post. "For the past four years, we have become the home for artists big and small –– a place where people across the musical spectrum come to share stories, reveal their creativity and connect directly with fans.”

The account has already featured the legendary Roots crew’s Questlove and Tricot from Kyoto, Japan. So, we started thinking about which other artists the company should feature on this new account and created this list (which is in no particular order) of IG pages that keep us glued to the app.

  1. Miley Cyrus

    From adorable throwbacks to freeing the nipple, Miley’s got you covered. She also frequently drops meme-worthy pics that we can't get enough of.

  2. 5 Seconds of Summer

    Okay, so technically, they're a group. But still, where else are you gonna get this behind-the-scenes 5SOS coverage like this? But beyond that, 5SOS also make huge announcements on the app, and they even drop some NSFW pics from time to time.

  3. Taylor Swift

    Taylor is awesome at Instagram. She gets personal and also keeps it fun (as you can tell).

  4. Nicki Minaj

    Where else can you catch these magic moments?

  5. 50 Cent

    Catch Fif being hilarious as “the ultimate troll” on here. You never know when he’ll strike.

  6. Ed Droste

    Ed Droste loves “travel as much as music” and you can really tell with his shots from around the globe. He’s actually already been featured by IG once, but it’d be cool to see him on this new channel, too.

  7. Rihanna

    She’ll get you ready for summer all year long. Beyond that, RiRi frequently drops great dance videos and isn't afraid to challenge IG's nudity policy. Whether she's taking us on a fishing trip or sharing her latest magazine cover, Rihanna keeps us double-tapping her pics.

  8. Beyonce

    Give it up to Queen Bey. She gets personal and artsy on IG. From private home videos to candid shots from around the globe to shutting down divorce rumors, 'Yonce always knows how to keep us tuned in.

  9. Joe Jonas

    Joe’s got a ton of jokes, sure, but he’s also down to take you around the world with him on IG - that is when he's not FaceTiming with bae.

  10. Kehlani

    Keep up with the Lani tsunami and realize you should be following her now.

  11. Dilated Peoples

    Like his mother Jana Taylor, Evidence is a gifted photographer. He shares landscapes and portraits of your favorite rappers on his account. Rakaa Iriscience frequently shows off his love for graffiti, and DJ Babu handles a camera about as well as he does the turntables.

  12. So So Glos

    Catch BTS clips of rehearsals and throwbacks that show not much has changed with the band. From Brooklyn to Mexico and beyond, The So So Glos always deliver on IG.

  13. Solange

    Solange’s love for art and knack for photography is evident all across her feed.

  14. Drake

    Where else are you gonna see Champagne’s text messages with his mom? No, but seriously, Drizzy's quite active on the app. He'll celebrate friends, honor icons, and announce tour dates through the app. And he's even worked with producers thanks to IG's DM function.

  15. Plies

    He drops hilarious videos like this…all the time.

  16. Young Guru

    Like Ed Droste, Young Guru’s also been featured on IG’s main page and he deserved it. The engineer might be best known for his work with Jay Z, but the recent Jamla Records signee is also quite skilled with the camera.

  17. Fetty Wap

    Say wassup, hello to a rising star on his journey while he drops jewels like this where he addresses his eye. Fetty often takes to IG to deliver messages directly to fans, whether it's with an interesting quote, like the one above, or just announcing appearances.

  18. Raury

    Raury will share concert pics like other musicians, but he’s also unafraid to share his perspective on current events.

  19. Ellie Goulding

    Where you can learn how to train like a star. No, seriously, you can learn a lot from Ellie. She's given us a ton of inspiration to hit the gym.