21 Incredible BTS 'Teen Wolf' Pics...Courtesy Of Mama McCall

Simply put, Melissa Ponzio is the best at capturing off-camera goodness.

"Teen Wolf" won't make its highly anticipated return until June 29 (59 LONG days, to be exact), and details surrounding the upcoming Season 5 have been about as scarce as Scott McCall's dad (with the exception of these spooky, doctor-themed spots). Luckily, the leader of the pack's other parent -- his trusty mother Melissa (aka Mama McCall) -- is looking out for everyone onscreen, and off as well.

Melissa Ponzio, the actress who portrays the badass nurse, has been taking to her Instagram account to give us a behind-the-scenes look at all of the action transpiring in majestic Beacon Hills. From the stars and crew hard at work on set to a closer look at the detailed props that make the scenes come to life, Ponzio is sharing it all -- and we're ever so appreciative. Here's a peek at 21 of her snazzy, supernatural snapshots:

  1. Everyone needs a partner in crime

    And for this mother extraordinaire, that's (obviously) Sheriff Stilinski.

  2. A stellar collection of trophies

    All together now: Go BHHS!!!!

  3. A few important accessories to achieve the necessary lycanthrope look

    The thesp challenged her Insta followers to caption this wolfy image of some hair pieces and pointy ears from the special effects department.

  4. Where all the "fun stuff" lives

    More specifically, a closet filled with some all-important plasma bottles.

  5. A kitchen with an...owl?

    This gal opted to decorate her cooking space with the flat-faced bird. A little buddy!

  6. Mapping it out

    Sure, Beacon Hills may be a fictional town in California -- but you better believe there's a detailed diagram of the area hanging in the Sheriff's Department.

  7. Spotted: Linden Ashby!

    Looking mighty sharp in his law enforcement uniform.

  8. Spooooky tree decor

    Or as M appropriately added, #thisishowwedoit.


    "Between takes with Linden and Jeff...lucky to have both of them on set and behind the camera today," Mel captioned this pic of LA and "TW" creator Jeff Davis. "Great day with these two always :)))" HEAR, HEAR!

  10. Gang is all here

    Too bad the gang isn't cheesing while seated in their personalized director chairs, but a glimpse at where they rest is almost as satisfying as them defeating a bunch of villains.

  11. The nurse's onscreen office space

    Complete with a darling photo of her boy Scott and a bowl of blood.

  12. Could it be calm at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital?!

    If we know what can transpire in BH, this snap is not exactly what it seems...

  13. "What in the world is going on here?!?"

    Excellent question, M. We have absolutely no idea.

  14. Doodles galore

    Who doesn't want a cookie?!

  15. Eerily quiet high school hallways

    You know what that means: Danger -- in the form of the Darach or The Benefactor -- is looming.

  16. Threads galore

    Now if only we could see the pack modeling these fashions...

  17. Extracurriculars, anyone?

    Chess or cheer, folks.

  18. A bit of smoke

    Just adding a bit of oomph to the mysterious surroundings.

  19. Wardrobe tags...and a twinkie

    It's an important snack, after all.

  20. Morgue signage

    Gives it a comfy, cozy feel? Errr, not so much.

  21. Last, but certainly not least, giving it up for people making it happen behind the camera

    And they deserve all the respect in the world for their dedication and hard work!

+ What's your fave snap? Share your thoughts -- as well as your appreciation for MM -- in the comments, and be sure to stay with MTV News for more on the upcoming "TW" installment!