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Watch Kurt Cobain Explain His Bizarre, Totally Taboo Dream In This Incredible Throwback Clip

German Shepherds make an appearance.

With a lot of musicians, the first few minutes before the questions start rolling are the most interesting part of an interview. That rule certainly holds true in the case of a sit-down with Kurt Cobain at Hollywood Rock Brazil in 1993.

After whipping out a taser and pretending to menace the journalist with it, Cobain pulls out a device called The Dreamer, which is supposed to induce... well, dreaming -- and help with stress and whatnot.

"I've tried it," Cobain said in the interview. "I dreamed about german German Shepherds and having sex with my stepfather and eating flowers -- smoking potpourri." Yikes. Someone call whoever is standing in for Freud nowadays -- or in '93.

Find out more about The Dreamer -- and Kurt's yen to try out virtual reality -- in that rare clip up there that we unearthed from the MTV vaults.

We'll be rolling out even MORE awesome, exclusive content as the days go by in celebration of "Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck," an intimate HBO documentary about the singer that premieres on May 4.